we will rock you

I would like to share the most mind blowing experience I had in London: the musical We Will Rock You.



The music (no need to describe), the setup, the story, the audience…

I really felt ALIVE like rarely before.


Such happiness is hard to encounter but I’m so eager to try to repeat it.


If you ever get to London, PLEASE don’t leave without seeing this unique performance.


The plot – right up my alley – is set in the near future.

Teens look and behave like avatars, they don’t have names, but mess IDs.


The music is solely computer generated, the musical instruments are forbidden.

Another dystopia, as gloomy as Orwell’s 1984 in my view.


But, there are two rebels – a boy & a girl – that leave on a quest for Queen’s instruments, that are hidden and protected by charms under the stadium of champions.


Believe me, there’s MAGIC in this tale. It’s like a spell to keep Freddie’s memory alive, a pious tribute to the late God.


In the musical, when referring to his death, the characters explain that he flew too close to the sun. I think this is the most beautiful metaphor for the tragic loss we all suffered.


Also the English humor and sarcasm hitting the American pop culture & consumerism, the bad music that brain washes youth, the praise of Brit culture… such immense satisfaction!


I think this is the best way to travel – to enrich your soul with such… religious extasy.


There were two moments this year when I thanked God for the intensity of my feelings: when I stepped in Sagrada Familia and when the artists encouraged the audience to help them conjure the magic instruments to appear, by stomping their feet in the “we will rock you” famous beat…




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