changes to come

I’m not a guru or a visionary. But after reading a few analyses upon social networking and a few talks with friends, I can safely predict some trends.


It seems people get tired to tweet, blog, post on FB. The über cool already consider lame to change your status every day or tweet about small stuff.

I read about a lady who tried the latest in diets, which promises you lose weight rather than feel publicly ashamed. She lost all her followers because it was so boring.

Most of the blogs are about anxieties, depression, bitching and trashing. After a while, they lose their followers due to boredom. Even the bloggers get tired to be angry and sad every day.

So what’s left? Probably smaller groups that really have something in common instead of hundreds or thousands of strangers who don’t give a shit about you.

And here’s an original thought – maybe go outside and really interact with other members of your species! Talk, dance, fight, fuck – do what humans do.

The general apathy and uniformity put evolution on hold. When you have no passions, no curiosities, no interests, you cannot discover anything. You just exist like a plant.

Why am I condescending? I should speak in first person. Because my life isn’t that different. I write on FB, I read what others post, I blog, I go home and watch whatever they broadcast on TV, sleep, eat, work.

Too little I can brag with reading a book, going to a concert, burning for a man, having real life friends with whom I go out and have fun.

So I shall include myself and use “we”, not “you”.



Of course, this is a no brainer. Most of us lost more or less from our previous incomes. We became more careful with what we buy.

Less comfort and luxury, and revisiting the bear necessity.

Do I really need this dress? Should I really buy both pork and chicken? Let’s see whether the tomatoes are cheaper to the next stand.

Come to my place (I don’t feel like throwing money in a café, when I can prepare espresso in my own home).

Why go to the seaside and splurge on hotels and restaurants? Why go back there though services are bad, it’s crowded and dirty? I know this wonderful peaceful place in the Danube Delta…

The general question before any action: is it worth it?



Both media moguls and advertising agencies feel they are losing the traditional channel of communication with the target audience.


Because the young generation is not into watching TV. They are online. This generation will grow into the spenders after the recession. And they will be very hard to reel in. What to do?

Change the face of television as we know it, Make a show out of everything. Make 3D mainstream, bring it in every house.

It’s the next logical step.

But it needs preparation, a different perspective and a lot of vision. A new era of entertainment.

Imagine the Avatar experience in the comfort of your own home applied on football games, Oscar ceremony, music videos, shows and games and last, but not least, ADVERTISING.  

Tough call. A lot of people are not doing even traditional TV spots and there comes a time to face a completely different approach to the commercial message. Who would be able to cope?


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