back to classics

As to confirm my disapproval against the summer wear, the stylists announce the return to classic:

After a season of chunky, clumpy and some might say downright ugly shoes, fashion is taking a more classic turn. Hitting the fashion radar right now? Simple, elegant courts with pointed toes and even (gasp) kitten heels. Don’t make the mistake of thinking they can’t be sexy. Opt for patent leather or animal print and wear with bare legs for the moment. Come winter, they’ll look fantastic paired with the grown-up, sophisticated and polished looks that we’ll be coveting.

This is the purrrfect opportunity for me to talk about the perfect pair of shoes.

It’s like the perfect partner. I don’t believe in a lifetime partner, as you might already know. I mean the perfect partner for NOW.

The one that suits your tastes and needs for the moment. It might be a partner you wouldn’t even notice in another moment in time or who wouldn’t make any impression on you, as it doesn’t meet your requirements.

Think long and hard and question yourself: is there anyone in your past that you would like to meet again?

If there is, google him/ her or search any available social network. You never know what you’ve missed 😉

This is the way to look for the perfect shoe.

Don’t diss any shop, you never know what treasures you might find.

Also, check your closet from time to time. As I have a wide selection of shoe shapes and colors, I can simply dig in my own home for the ideal partner for the night.

The perfect shoe should be love at first sight. The one pair that stops your heart for a moment.

But don’t be superficial! This might be the love of your life, a crush or the crash – the detail that might ruin an entire evening of fun.

Try them on. They must FEEL good and look good on YOU. Your foot, your ankle, your calf, your entire attire should be flattered by that shoe.

Stare thoroughly at your feet in this pair of gorgeous shoes.

Then check yourself in a mirror from head to toe. Front, profile and back. Is it still the perfect pair?

Walk. Comfortable?

Ok, at least do you feel like you’ll be comfortable soon? No major pains, just the feeling of new, unworn shoe?

Now compare again with the perfect partner: does he look sexy? Do you feel a thrill? How about what he has to say? Is he remotely intriguing? Is he the promise of white nights filled with love and sharing? Do you feel you can comfortably lean on him in times of sorrow, but he’s also the man beside whom you shall be happy?

How does he fit in your current life/ wardrobe? Does he match?

I know that in some time – days, months, years – the shoe doesn’t work any longer.

Your needs and your figure change, you can afford something better, they look worn out, the heel or the tip is bruised, the shape is slouchy, the color has faded.

But at least in the beginning, I’m begging you: ask yourself whether this is the one you want.


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4 responses to “back to classics”

  1. The MajestiCreature says :

    Hello cat lady! This link here is a very special gift for you. I hope u enjoy it, and I swear on my cat’s tale is not a virus. Peace!


  2. The MajestiCreature says :

    Well, not really a coincidence. I’ve been here earlier, called u a bitch in a previous post and u seemed to like it :). Nice to meet u too, again.


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