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Again, another year is gone and I’m looking back at what happened. Judging by my photos on Facebook, it seems like it was a GOOD year all around.

Well, I’m asking for less and less, as time goes by and faith smacks me over the head with various surprises.

But all in all, pretty good! Starting from the fact that I have a job I like, in a place I like surrounded by people I like, continuing with “none of my cats died and they seem to do just well”, I’m pretty healthy too, I fell in love with Pilates – there’s been 3 months already since I’m diligently going, my stomach became smarter than my brain and it rejects what’s bad for me, I began to choose more carefully who’s worth my emotional investment and time, just one holiday in Berlin, fewer memorable concerts: Rod Stewart and Hugh Laurie, but maybe next year will be richer in travels and concerts.

Less shopping, but more wise decisions – choosing a few statement pieces instead of buying rags.

It was a year of surprises, reunions with friends from long ago, childhood and university. It was both mushy and happy, we instantly clicked and laughed our heads off at the same old jokes. It was very emotional and truly unforgettable.

I feel the entire humanity is trying to crawl out of the pit: people are beginning to distillate information – not anything on TV or on the internet is true, I feel the dark ages are fading and a new era is dawning.

I meet very young people who are cultured. They know so many interesting things, that I feel like a caveman. So my hope stays with them, a new generation with an insatiable appetite for music, art, movies, but also technology and gadgets… it’s amazing to listen to them. And it’s not just one or two, they keep coming. They are environmental conscious, without being maniacs, they lean naturally toward healthy living, healthy feeding, healthy ethics and morals.

Electing a completely unexpected president is another reason for hope. He has German roots, he was a very appreciated mayor of a beautiful city, he didn’t accept euthanasia of the dogs, but he approved the western system of catch and release, he has a wife who obviously adores him and 5 cats. I hope and pray he will be the President this country needs and deserves after so many years of corruption and such bad decisions.

I feel very optimistic for the future, it’s a completely different vibe in the air.

Enjoy the ride!



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