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on Gods of all sorts.

Two completely unrelated subjects, but I’m getting somewhere… I hope.


I saw a lovely movie. Basically, a crazy dog and a crazy guy meet. I agree, sometimes a pet can save a human. The pet would tame a spirit and would melt a heart. No, not only cats train humans, dogs do to.

BUT, because there’s a big BUT in the picture, at least one of them has to be sane. Or at least in a good place. I don’t say “happy”, as “happy” is overrated. Hence “in a good place”. If you’re a mess, a knot of neurosis and stress and your pet has been subjected to some form of abuse… happy end is possible only in the movies. You have a savior and a victim. Two victims are able only to traumatize each other even deeper. I didn’t buy Silver Lining Playbooks, but I buy Leaving Las Vegas.

It’s the same in a relationship between two humans or in one between a human and a very tolerant pet.

At least the human must be willing to be saved. And the benevolent furry four paws creature shall save him.

I thought of my ALF who saved me sooooo many times I shall never be able to recount. He was a strong personality and dominated me almost 100% and I worshiped him beyond words. But also I was clinging to him like a drowning person sometimes, and every time he would save me.

His legacy was inherited by Joop, the mad Maine Coon who is currently running my house. When we met, I was devastated after losing ALF, she was coming from a life of abuse and lack of affection. The dynamic was different, we saved each other willingly. She tamed me because I gained her trust and now we save each other every day. A mad God and her mad worshipper in perfect harmony.


In an unrelated story, the U.S. economy – the indisputable source of consumerism and bad quality products is devouring it’s children and trying to stop being devoured by others. Macy’s and JCPenney are closing stores, SkyMall is shutting down and the latest, craziest story is that Cadbury is not allowed across the pond, mainly because it’s American archenemy Hershey is suffering losses by comparison of quality. Such a better quality product might make consumers question their money worth. Why pay on a bad quality product, when you have a better, tastier alternative?

It reminds me yet again of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods that shows the perpetual struggle for Gods to live, by manipulating their believers and destroying smaller Gods. You never know when you become the lesser God that gets squashed in the stampede. I feel we’re witnessing the last flounder of such greedy Gods, we shall see their demise, like obsolete dinosaurs unable to keep up with evolution.



present hedonist

 “Sometimes we need to stop analyzing the past, stop planning the future, stop figuring out precisely how we feel, stop deciding exactly what we want, and just see what happens.” – quote of Sex And The City

changes to come

I’m not a guru or a visionary. But after reading a few analyses upon social networking and a few talks with friends, I can safely predict some trends.


It seems people get tired to tweet, blog, post on FB. The über cool already consider lame to change your status every day or tweet about small stuff.

I read about a lady who tried the latest in diets, which promises you lose weight rather than feel publicly ashamed. She lost all her followers because it was so boring.

Most of the blogs are about anxieties, depression, bitching and trashing. After a while, they lose their followers due to boredom. Even the bloggers get tired to be angry and sad every day.

So what’s left? Probably smaller groups that really have something in common instead of hundreds or thousands of strangers who don’t give a shit about you.

And here’s an original thought – maybe go outside and really interact with other members of your species! Talk, dance, fight, fuck – do what humans do.

The general apathy and uniformity put evolution on hold. When you have no passions, no curiosities, no interests, you cannot discover anything. You just exist like a plant.

Why am I condescending? I should speak in first person. Because my life isn’t that different. I write on FB, I read what others post, I blog, I go home and watch whatever they broadcast on TV, sleep, eat, work.

Too little I can brag with reading a book, going to a concert, burning for a man, having real life friends with whom I go out and have fun.

So I shall include myself and use “we”, not “you”.



Of course, this is a no brainer. Most of us lost more or less from our previous incomes. We became more careful with what we buy.

Less comfort and luxury, and revisiting the bear necessity.

Do I really need this dress? Should I really buy both pork and chicken? Let’s see whether the tomatoes are cheaper to the next stand.

Come to my place (I don’t feel like throwing money in a café, when I can prepare espresso in my own home).

Why go to the seaside and splurge on hotels and restaurants? Why go back there though services are bad, it’s crowded and dirty? I know this wonderful peaceful place in the Danube Delta…

The general question before any action: is it worth it?



Both media moguls and advertising agencies feel they are losing the traditional channel of communication with the target audience.


Because the young generation is not into watching TV. They are online. This generation will grow into the spenders after the recession. And they will be very hard to reel in. What to do?

Change the face of television as we know it, Make a show out of everything. Make 3D mainstream, bring it in every house.

It’s the next logical step.

But it needs preparation, a different perspective and a lot of vision. A new era of entertainment.

Imagine the Avatar experience in the comfort of your own home applied on football games, Oscar ceremony, music videos, shows and games and last, but not least, ADVERTISING.  

Tough call. A lot of people are not doing even traditional TV spots and there comes a time to face a completely different approach to the commercial message. Who would be able to cope?

the search engine that is yet to be developed


You use search engines for information, but also to solve a lapsus memoriae.

OK, sometimes it’s easy: you don’t remember the title of a movie, you might remember an actor. You search his filmography and you find out.

Who played in that movie? What was the name of that place? What type of phobia is this?


There’s NO SEARCH ENGINE YET, and I emphasize on YET that can help you remember a song when you can’t remember neither who played it nor any lyric!

It’s awful!!!

A search engine that you can hum or whistle a tune and it gives you the answer.

It happened to me THREE times this week only.

The first time, I called an erudite friend.

The second time, I asked my father, as it was a song from his time. I found out it was much older and the version I tried to remember was a cover.

The third time, he called me with a theme. I haven’t closed an eye, twisting and turning with the theme in my head.

When all these people who have musical knowledge will be gone… who will replace them? Or what?

Or this is this a problem that next generations won’t have? They’re not into anything that happened in the previous century, least longer ago?

We lose the ability to think, to make connections and associations.

Which is the best way from here to there? Check your GPS.

Who wrote this book, what was the name of the character? Google it.

How much money did I spend? Compute.

Is he available? Check his Facebook status.

Our minds are lazier every day. We are a race that will extinct and atrophy by technology. By having it too easy.





I think the first time I encountered this type of theory was Asimov’s Naked Sun. Humans lost their ability to have actual… human contact.

They projected holograms and allowed only the presence of robots around them. Furthermore, the human contact was not only obsolete, but utterly disgusting.

Imagine that this book was published in 1957. Check the real prophets of literature: Wells, Orwell, Asimov and watch out.

In 1995, The Net was another alarm pulled by visionaries. I freaked out after that movie because I realized we are moving fast toward that direction: a life in seclusion with everything at hand, but nobody around.

And it started: internet, mobile phones, home delivery, online shopping, SMS, messenger…

Net 2.0 that allowed people to actually live virtual lives and interact with no fear of harm.

Second life, blogs, social networks…

And some people – I repeat: SOME – took it literally. Tools of communication used INSTEAD of real life.

Next step?  Surrogates. You hide in the safety of your house, while an improved version of yourself lives your life. How you would like to live it, but don’t have the confidence to do.

Maybe it’s a good idea. You feel braver and you might achieve more, have an adventurous life and evolve more than you would ever dream.

How about the cliché “no pain, no gain”?

If you become so frightened of getting hurt, of discomfort, pain, rejection, how can you truly appreciate triumph, pleasure, happiness?

I meet young people that would rather spend their life behind a keyboard than go out. They flirt online with partners they would never meet in the flesh. They dare more, they prove a sense of humor, wit, charm.

And than you challenge them to a real life conversation. No keyboards, no SMS abbreviated language – maimed communication in my opinion – and they are unable to emit a plain sentence!  

Hoards of young people – they look the best they will ever look, they have the stamina they will never get back and they practice abstinence like brushing their teeth. Why? It’s easier, cleaner, no complications, no disillusions. The easy way out.

I’m still an optimist. I still hope it’s just a trend. And trends come and go. The need of companionship, of human touch, of reaching out and actually meeting a real person will come back.

We are ultimately animals. A species that lives in groups. Not in seclusion. We are supposed to interact to survive and evolve.

I’m positive also that one day we’ll be searching and finding life mates, not affairs. Maybe not your average traditional couple. Maybe it will be a best friend for a lifetime.

I don’t know what will be. But I hope we’ll go out and meet real people, have real talks even if sometimes they generate blow ups. It’s good, because they are followed by making up.

For the moment, I’m watching like a hawk my Facebook agenda. I keep only people I have something in common with, we met at some point or we actually share something.

I don’t want just an impressive count of unknown faces, of people who have nothing to give and I’ll probably never want to meet.

I’ll just take the best of evolution: better, faster communication tools to share thoughts and feelings with friends.

No exhibitionism, no drawing attention with shocking messages just to seem interesting for 3 minutes or less.

Why would I? I still have the privilege to share a real life with real people who are able to SPEAK and LISTEN.

Follow my lead, get the fuck OUT!


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