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breakout from bleakness

In this time of harsh economic and moral failure it seems artists try to lure us in a better world. Music seeks refuge in the 50s, movies rediscover superheroes and fashion… ah, fashion transports us in a better era.

More than ever, fashion turns into a fantasy realm, with fabulous creatures that don’t belong anywhere in an unemployment line or a discount store.

Leading the pack are Miuccia Prada and Marc Jacobs with their interpretation of Edwardian outfits and surreal hats.

But there are others, an entire pack of story tellers that wrap us in yards and yards of silk, velvet, brocade, cashmere, precious leathers, feathers, furs, sparkling sheer deceiving fairy dust…

Oh, and the jewels… More opulent and spectacular than ever to match such high fashion.

It’s like a luxury denial. The oversize replaced the tight, skinny and tiny. Generous coats, large pants, sheer flowing and billowing shirts. The tall boot replaced the bootie. Bags grew in size, gloves, hats, sunglasses, everything, from the everyday clothing to each and every accessory.

Like stage costumes – opulent, visible, loud, dramatic.

Now… what I DON’T get is who the fuck is buying more expensive clothing during recession?! I completely admire the endeavor. But to what end?

I mean… are we supposed to watch it simply as art and entertainment and carry on hunting for bargains? Most likely.

There’s an entire half of planet not affected by financial disaster. Arab countries soaked in oil, Asian markets filled with new and old money.

What we can learn from this amazing display is that sometimes is fine to dream. Nobody expects us to walk the streets in turn-of-the-century costumes and hats the size of my car. Just to allow ourselves an escape from mundane, bleak pessimism.

And yes, buy a hat. Listen to some jazz. Watch a superheroes movie. It can’t hurt.

Sometimes you should have champagne, though you’re on a soda budget. Fuck it, long live decadence!


recession romanian style

Frequently, I noticed that we are an irregular market. We price luxury like an oriental country, nothing like the laid back Europeans.

This is why Gucci and Armani opened stores here right in the midst of recession. Probably following the success of the Louis Vuitton store, this sold more in one year than the Hungarian franchise in three years.

Hell, they even threw in a special edition bag!

I’m glad, I hope one day Calea Victoriei would look the way it should look: high end stores and boutiques as opposed to the mainstream malls. It’s only fair to have a shopping street like every civilized city in the world. Our own Fifth Avenue or Regent Street!

On the other hand, the most awaited brand since Coca Cola and McDonalds arrived with a LOUD BANG!

The largest media splurge I’ve seen in years and worthwhile to the fullest. The stores are crowded like there’s no tomorrow every day of the week and all the time, not only at rush hours or weekends.

Soon the other mid and low labels would have to revise their price policies whether they choose to survive.

Because once it’s clear you can have an entire outfit for less than 100 euros, why bother to go next door to Zara, Mango, Promod, Bershka and so on?

In the beginning, there would still be a few conservative, brand believers hard to switch. But I give them weeks to be seduced, not years!

Especially as most of the others have a boring selection of oh-so-last-year nude and navy, while H&M brought bright colors and no end diversity of rags, accessories of all sorts and – most important – a splendid price policy.

How was the Romanian woman, man and child able to survive and NOT walk around naked until last week, it’s incomprehensible!

No, seriously, I have at least 10 friends that suddenly craved for a new outfit from nowhere else! Like there are no other stores in Bucharest any longer. Or there never were.

It’s unbelievable how gullible we stayed 20 years after communism. So easy to manipulate. Loyalty is not our strongest feature. Any shiny trinket can turn us around in a flash!

Especially when you come out, all guns blazing: regular advertising, a proper running website, nice personnel and good locations.  

Don’t we have ANY ego left? Like ponder for one moment how offensive it is that we are almost the last country in Europe graced by their presence???

They manufacture items in Romania since forever but they never considered this market as an opportunity.

I shall not be seduced until they bring the good stuff here – like the Lanvin for H&M, the lacy gorgeous underwear I used to buy from Sweden over a decade ago and so on. As long as is just rags for the poor, keep your fancy stores and shove them!

I shall still be faithful to my exclusive shoes boutique, to my irregular sources of clothing, not necessary pricy, but not the same as everyone else. I like to be unique, after all this is how I built my personal brand!

while we wait

let’s change the pace to a shallow subject that suits me better than pop cheap philosophy. The ones of us who shall survive intact from winter and recession shall need some heads up on what to acquire for the warm seasons.

I made a few selections in my taste, more of a guideline, as the beginning of the new decade seems a clash of stiles and influences like never before. It seems every trend ever invented bursts out and shouts “Pick me! Pick meee!”.

Well, a lot to choose from, fit for every taste, age, silhouette and statement. From Gaga to blushing virgin, from dark Goth to loud colored 80s, from “cowboy to angel”, ladies, choose your weapons of seduction.

White is BIG, but so is red, electric green & blue, nude & grey, hot & pale pink, purple comes in accents, floral is richer than ever, stripes are fun, patterns are mad, and jeans are HOT.

Quite unbelievable, but from all I’ve seen, I have fallen in love with a Louis Vuitton overall with tassel pompons no less. Of course, it is a Marc Jacobs design, but why I love this tacky rag, I have no clue! I simply adore it.

While the outfits are loud, the shoes are demure or simply boring. Still, this MiuMiu pair made my heart skip a beat…

Conclusion: start rummaging through your closets and vintage stores, you’ll definitely be able to put together something trendy and with lots of personality.

Add tassels, feathers, stars, whatever makes you tick. Show shoulders, breasts, legs, back – but not all in the same time!

2011, here I come!

all I want for Christmas is you

Whether you would have asked me 2-3 weeks ago what I wish for Christmas, the list would have looked quite posh.

This perfect Marc Jacobs bag

These stockings, garters & boots from Dior

The new Ka in purple

A new lover.


In the meantime, my cats were sick. Nothing serious, nothing that couldn’t be treated. But I faced a fragile and vulnerable side of them. It wasn’t fun and games any longer. I realized what’s important.

So now, all I want for Christmas is long healthy life for my three little rascals, I would trade all the shoes in the world for their wellbeing.

Ok, I also whish for the first edition of my book to be sold out.

lady time

It dawned on whatever department thought of it that the woman with money is not necessary in her early 20s.

Also the fashion magazine buyer is a tad older.

Nowadays women still want to look attractive in their 40s, 50s, 60s.

And newsflash: the odds are high that they are able to spend more on clothing and make up, as they have no mortgage payments or installments.

Thus, the image for various brands switched from barely teens to 40s or looking like she is 40.

Madonna, Julianne Moore, Cindy Lauper are just a few women way over 40 that are faces for top brands. Amber Valetta, Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss are no spring chicken either.

And this season’s trends flatter any age, but are definitely shaped for the strong woman who wants to turn men heads in style.

Calf skirts, floor sweeping lace and taffeta dresses, tweed classic trousers, rich knits, proper bags, kitten heels, gloves, jewelry and, unfortunately, fur are a lady’s weapons of choice.

And my, they do look feminine and lovable. They do turn a woman into a lady.

Well, obviously, no amount of Chanel replaces class and breed.

Some knowledge and evolved language skills are welcomed too.



well, I know I predicted a return to innocence, I know this spring is based on nude, pastel and pale sorbet colors.

Now that I convinced you, I must confess, I can’t give up berries. From purple to deep pink… they fit both my hot temper and my sunny disposition.

At least one accent of color doesn’t kill.

It’s feminine and sensual and suits a spirited scent like my Lola.

Bear my berries.

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