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on Gods of all sorts.

Two completely unrelated subjects, but I’m getting somewhere… I hope.


I saw a lovely movie. Basically, a crazy dog and a crazy guy meet. I agree, sometimes a pet can save a human. The pet would tame a spirit and would melt a heart. No, not only cats train humans, dogs do to.

BUT, because there’s a big BUT in the picture, at least one of them has to be sane. Or at least in a good place. I don’t say “happy”, as “happy” is overrated. Hence “in a good place”. If you’re a mess, a knot of neurosis and stress and your pet has been subjected to some form of abuse… happy end is possible only in the movies. You have a savior and a victim. Two victims are able only to traumatize each other even deeper. I didn’t buy Silver Lining Playbooks, but I buy Leaving Las Vegas.

It’s the same in a relationship between two humans or in one between a human and a very tolerant pet.

At least the human must be willing to be saved. And the benevolent furry four paws creature shall save him.

I thought of my ALF who saved me sooooo many times I shall never be able to recount. He was a strong personality and dominated me almost 100% and I worshiped him beyond words. But also I was clinging to him like a drowning person sometimes, and every time he would save me.

His legacy was inherited by Joop, the mad Maine Coon who is currently running my house. When we met, I was devastated after losing ALF, she was coming from a life of abuse and lack of affection. The dynamic was different, we saved each other willingly. She tamed me because I gained her trust and now we save each other every day. A mad God and her mad worshipper in perfect harmony.


In an unrelated story, the U.S. economy – the indisputable source of consumerism and bad quality products is devouring it’s children and trying to stop being devoured by others. Macy’s and JCPenney are closing stores, SkyMall is shutting down and the latest, craziest story is that Cadbury is not allowed across the pond, mainly because it’s American archenemy Hershey is suffering losses by comparison of quality. Such a better quality product might make consumers question their money worth. Why pay on a bad quality product, when you have a better, tastier alternative?

It reminds me yet again of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods that shows the perpetual struggle for Gods to live, by manipulating their believers and destroying smaller Gods. You never know when you become the lesser God that gets squashed in the stampede. I feel we’re witnessing the last flounder of such greedy Gods, we shall see their demise, like obsolete dinosaurs unable to keep up with evolution.



the brave parents

This is a truly bitchy post. So stop reading right now and move on to another blog. 

I have very strong opinions about people who reproduce only because “it’s time”, peer pressure, archaic family model, to strengthen the bond with their partner (newsflash: studies show that a new born is the most common reason couples grow apart or break), to pass the financial crisis by being in maternity leave so they have a safe income and cannot be fired etc.

Unfortunately, most people reproduce for these reasons and we are way too many on this planet already.

dog1 DOG3 dog2

In the meantime, I have the highest respect for the people that decide to adopt an animal and treat HIM or HER like a member of the family, an offspring.

Because they understand from the beginning they are in for grief.

First, they are babies. They ruin things, they pee and poop everywhere, they chew shoes, they cry when left alone, they cry when they are hungry or just demanding for attention.

Fast, too fast, they become adults. They understand wrong for right, they become the loyal companion, the best friend, support in time of sorrow, partner in time of joy. They comfort you, the cuddle next to you, they lick you, love you with their huge hearts and generally offer you more than you can ever offer them. 

And they grow old. They become grumpy, sick, they need help, assistance, treatment, time. Suddenly, they are your dear grandparents. 

And way too soon you have to let go. You’re helpless, no matter what. So helpless that you’re angry. No matter how much you prepare for this moment, it hurts excruciatingly. It’s your baby. If you’re lucky, you spent a decade or two with this loving angel. Sometimes unfairly less. 

Now this is what I call brave. To see your children die and your heart ripped out of your chest.  


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