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cum ne vin ideile

So i’ve been tagged again.

It’s an imagination exercise, so I have to accept the challenge.  

You see… this picture is the perfect representation of my favorite seminar in advertising. It’s called “how to sell creative work”. A few pointers here.

Probably due to the fact that this is my strongest point. I was thinking some time ago I should develop my own business based on the fact that I can convince almost anyone about anything…Just to sell other people’s work…

And I wondered at the time: what should I put on my business card? “BULLSHITTER”?

Anyway, back to the picture I have to describe.You see, once you’re face to face with the client, you have to feel him – his weaknesses and strong points, the way he already sees your presentation in his mind, what he hopes to hear… and play it by the ear a lot.

Perceive his demons and frustrations, his ambitions and worries and fine tune everything you have to say.

It’s mostly improvisation, no matter what’s on your slideshow. Watch him like a hawk, every change in his expression and body language is a sign you should change your tactics. It’s a smooth ballet you get to master in time….

This is a valuable lesson in any circumstance.

You want to seduce a guy? See what he likes, try various characters: the coy, the bold, the vamp, the naïve…

You want 2 make new friends? First, listen 2 them: the way they speak to each other, about what and how.

You want a promotion? well…I don’t quite master this yet, but I’m working on it. I feel it’s the hardest part: 2 do what you’re told 2 do or what’s ACTUALLY expected from u?

I still ponder…

Well… as I don’t know if most of the other bloggers I know would accept the challenge… I think the tag stops here & now.

To hell with it! I dare Lorgean, Teo, Amdraci!

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